Taking production to the next level

Arri & RED Cameras are my specialty. Working with talented people while creating amazing content is my passion.

Professional Background

I have a strong history with everything from run and gun documentaries to high end studio commercial shoots. My latest endeavor has solidified my place within the UFC, covering the sport from late night training sessions deep inside a gym basement, to filming center stage in and alongside the Octagon.

Over the years, I've been a part of many shows and commercials that have won numerous awards around the world, including 2017 Emmy Award winning show UFC Fight Flashback.

My extensive access to gear involves RED and Arri camera packages with Cooke, Angenieux, Schneider, Arri/Zeiss, Fujinon and Canon lens sets. Freefly MoVi systems, lighting, audio, and rigging also available.

An Early Start

I was fortunate enough to begin my career at the age of 14 where my creativity and passion fueled my will to learn and fine tune my production skills. I started off shooting and editing surf and skate videos for Action Sports Group (Surfer/Skater Magazine), which ultimately launched me into becoming Co-Director and Editor on a television show pilot for ABC Family when I was just 17 years old.